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Tetrabiblos (Apotelesmatiká/Quadripartitum) by Claudius Ptolemy Scarf Shawl Wrap, Astrology

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Beautiful "Tetrabiblos/Apotelesmatiká/Quadripartitum" by Claudius Ptolemy Scarf Shawl Wrap. This scarf is very soft and cozy. You will love this scarf ! Tetrabiblos 'four books', also known in Greek as Apotelesmatiká "Effects", and in Latin as Quadripartitum "Four Parts", is a text on the philosophy and practice of astrology, written in the 2nd century AD by Claudius Ptolemy (c. AD 90–c. AD 168). Title page (in Latin) and first book page (in English) printed on soft, light beige colored viscose shawl with linen texture. Perfect gift for a book lovers ! Scarf size: Length: 72 inches Width: 26 inches Print size: 16" x 20" at both ends ( title page at one and and first page on the other )